New KAT-Website

New and fresh layout of the KAT's website


Dear Website-visitors,

our website now has a new, fresh layout with an improved structure and new functions that offer greater service for all users.

When you visit our new website, the first thing you will notice is that the central function – the "Egg-code enquiry" WHAT IS ON THE EGG – now appears directly on the website's start page. This is in response to the strong interest in our egg-code enquiry; on average, about 30,000 people use this function every month. To enable consumers to trace the eggs they have purchased from the trade with just one click, we have not only placed the "Egg-code enquiry" in a central position but we have also changed the layout accordingly.

In addition, all information about "KAT – The Association" and its responsibilities are brought together in a new section and the content has been comprehensively revised. Anyone wishing to join the KAT system will find all the relevant information just one click away in the main menu under "Becoming a participant", where all the most important questions about membership are answered.

Under "News", the interested consumers will find regular information about the developments on the egg market and new service offers from the Association. The area "All about eggs" offers background information.

The information about the "Egg-code App" supplements the offer that is accessible to the public, which is also available in English.

The "Internal" area is accessible as a closed area only for KAT members & system participants with appropriate login and includes all important documents for the KAT membership.

The new KAT website operates according to the "mobile first" principle. This means that it can also be easily accessed on smartphones and tablets.

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