New KAT standard

Eggs from hens with untreated beaks


1 September 2018 marks the end of the transitional period for the voluntary abstention from beak trimming for KAT laying hens – this means organic, free-range and barn production. In all KAT laying farms now are only laying hens with untreated beaks stocked: Every product, including shell eggs, liquid egg and egg powder, marketed under the KAT label from 1 September 2018 onwards comes exclusively from laying hens with untreated beaks.Since all KAT farms have changed accordingly in time and the ban on beak trimming is now KAT standard, we renounce in the future on the previous note "The eggs come from hens with untreated beaks" in the egg code, consumers can check the egg code either online on our website or through our app EIERCODE directly in the supermarket.

Back in 2016 KAT decided to take the ban on beak trimming up in our KAT Guides, initially on a voluntary basis. During this transitional period up to now, KAT has assisted its members by providing information, including how system participants can best handle various potential situations.

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